How To Win At American Roulette

We already know from other articles published on our online casino blog that the main difference between American roulette and European or French roulette is in the incorporation of a second zero, the double zero. There is no difference: roulettes like games of chance or online casino games fall into two main categories, and one of them is the American roulette model, with all its peculiarities.

Zero and double zero in American roulette

Thus, in the cylinder, at diametrically opposite ends, we find zero (0) and double zero (00). But this is not the only difference that we can find between the two large roulette families that exist today. For example, the distribution of the rest of the numbers (1-36) also differs in both roulettes. However, the non-observant player does not you will have not even noticed that change in the roulette wheel implies that regular French roulette players, accustomed to betting on neighbors, orphans or thirds, have to change the chip and adapt to the different configuration of the squares along with the cylinder in the American roulette.

Analyzing an American roulette: the mat

The mat, table, or cloth of American roulette is very similar to that of French roulette. The ordering of the boxes for both numbers and simple lots in American roulette follows the same distribution as in its French counterpart, with the sole exception of zeros.

Although, in French roulette, zero limits your physical space with 1, 2 and 3 (you can make bets like horse 0-1, horse 0-2 or horse 0-3) in American roulette, zero only limits with 0 and 1 (possibility of betting on horse 0-1 and 0-2), while double zero does it with 2 and 3 (you can make horse type bets 00-2 and 00-3).

American roulette: the cylinder and the numbers

In the cylinder of an American roulette wheel for the mere fact of having a double zero, it was preferred to change the distribution of the numbers. Zero and double zero are placed in diametrically opposite positions, and the sequence of numbers differs completely from French roulette, which implies that if the American roulette player prefers to make more complex bets such as betting on neighbors, he needs to learn the sequence of numbers along with the cylinder.

The fact of having zero and double zero forces that in certain areas of the cylinder, there is a significant gap between two red number boxes or two black number boxes. The same is true for all other simple luck bets like foul/pass or odd/even.

For example, between the 14 red and the next red box to the left of it, we have to go through the two black, the 0 green, and the 28 black. The same is found for black 13, the next black box to its left is 10, located four boxes to its left since in between are one red, 00 green and 27 red.

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